Using Lync can be a challenge

I don’t know about you, but I and my team seem to have problems remembering how Lync works.

Lync is a powerful online meeting tool for sharing desktops, having audio/visual meetings, giving presentations, or just sending a quick immediate note via the chat tool.  But getting into meetings seems to be problematic for just about everyone I’ve talked to.

For example, if we use the 32 bit version of IE and try to enter a meeting, we can”t get in as a presenter, only as a guest.  By copying the URL from the meeting in the calendar to the URL bar in IE64, we get right in as presenters.  Sending people invitations, can cause a similar problem.  But if we default to IE64, we have logout issues (with a workaround here thanks to Matthew McBride at SharePoint Solutions).

First time implementers of non-server Lync often find a problem connecting to the Lync.  Sometimes it is because they have not been granted a licensed membership in the SharePoint site.  Other times they do not have a LiveMeeting account.  Yet other times….well, you get the idea.  Microsoft has more than a few ways  to get things done.  It’s discovering them that can be maddening.

So, solutions.  First, if you are a member of the site and have gone through the login-password change process AND launched   Install Lync  from the left hand menu, you should be able to launch right into your Lync session and keep it up in the background for those times people want to send you a chat or request a spontaneous meeting (something Lync does very well).

If you are not a member, you will note the email/calendar entry has an option for First Time using Lync.  Launch this install drivers and pointers that help Lync well, link up!  This often takes you in as a guest, but don’t worry, the presenter should have some power to make you presenter if the need arises.

The other option (that I find extremely unreliable) is to use the Lync webpage for setting a meeting.  It almost always sets everyone up as presenter and then you’re stuck.

I have looked around quite a bit and found no one has written anything on the Lync process.  Maybe all the experts and Microsoft think Lync is so easy that it is unworthy of a “How-to” article.  I wonder what they think of the users who are baffled as they remain unable to use Lync.    If you are listening, MSFT, (or other experts), how about it for us who are slow or just too busy to play with Lync to master it?

Rob Moses

Caladan Consulting, Inc.


Published by

Rob Moses

SharePoint consultant promoting simple solutions you can manage, strong governance methodologies, and well designed site collections with consolidated libraries, lists and other resources making proper use of document sets and permissions. I also work with animal rescue, do a little animal training, ride my horse, collect books, am active in my church for God, and work on my little ranch.

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